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Acetal copolymer is a very versatile engineering plastic for machining, It’s not porous so doesn’t absorb moisture and it is also a high impact plastic. Acetal is often used for food containers and is used in medical grade applications but is also suited to chemical applications as well. Acetal copolymer has good fatigue strength and good dimensional stability whether the Acetal is in sheet form, Rod or Tube.
Acetal Homopolymer has a higher crystallinity which means a higher density and this makes the Acetal stronger, it also has a continuous working temprature of 90 °C and is ideal for close tolerance parts. Whereas Acetal Copolymer has a lower melting point and a higher chemical resistance, meaning a slower thermal-oxidative degradation. Because of the high resistance of Acetal Copolymer it’s a common recommendation as mechanical precision parts.
We also stock Acetal Rod and Acetal Tube.
Acetal Tube and Acetal rod are very similar in certain ways they are hard wearing, robust and easily welded. Acetal tube has good electrical resistance and using Acetal rod eliminates the process of de-burring and they are both easily machined. Acetal is also described as slick, the polymers used in Acetal have very low friction attributes which is great for rotating machining parts, and stops any sudden jerking when used.