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Aluminium Composite Material – ACM – Dibond

Aluminium Composite Material – ACM – also known as Dibond.

ACM or aluminium composite is often noted for its high quality and aesthetics, Rigidity and degree of flexibility for curved installations. ACM is made with a polyethylene core encased with 2 sheets of aluminium; ACM can come in a wide variety of colours which makes ACM ideal for signage. ACM is extremely impact- resistant, weather proof and can also dampen vibrations. Like most plastics ACM is great to work with, it can be riveted, screwed, nailed and drilled to almost any surface, ACM is also extremely weather resistant, it will not rust or crack which makes it ideal for short term and long term advertising displays.

ACM is known to be used more commonly for signage and advertising displays but this isn’t the extent of applications for this material. Due to its lightweight and machinability you’ll often see ACM used for things like pop up stands, service counters in clubs, hotels and Cafes etc. But you’ll also see ACM used quite a lot in the transport industry because of its Low weight combined with high stiffness and dimensional stability. Often for things like trucks and caravan walls due to the UV protection and low thermal expansion compared to other plastic materials.

Supplied in sheet form from 2440mm (8ft) x 1220mm (4ft) – 3000mm (10ft) x 1500mm (5ft) – 4000mm (13ft) x 1500mm (5ft) sizes.

White, Black and colours available including silver and gold brushed metallic finishes.