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Acrylic (Persplex, Plexiglass) PMMA Sheet

We can offer acrylic cut to size panel, full sheets through to finished fabricated display products

Display Products

Acrylic PMMA, also known by trade names such as Perspex or Plexiglas is a transparent thermoplastic produced in Cast or extruded methods; Acrylic is available in the form of sheet, rod and tube.

We can offer acrylic cut to size panel, full sheets through to finished fabricated display products

Services offered in Acrylic;

  • CNC Laser Cutting and Laser Etching
  • CNC Routered
  • Diamond Polishing
  • Flame Polishing
  • Heat Forming and bending
  • Solvent bonding – A structural and strong bond.
  • UV Gluing, giving visually perfect mitred and butt joints

We offer all the full range of genuine Perspex materials from clear though to colours and pastels and metalics.

  • Perspex® Clear Cast
  • Perspex® Glass Look
  • Perspex® Colours
  • Perspex® Silk
  • Perspex® Spectrum LED
  • Perspex® Secret Sign
  • Perspex® Frost
  • Perspex® Naturals
  • Perspex® Sweet Pastels
  • Perspex® Royals
  • Perspex® Opal
  • Perspex® S-Lux & G-Lux
  • Perspex® Light
  • Perspex® Fluorescent
  • Perspex® Highlights
  • Perspex® Impressions
  • Perspex® Metropolitan
  • Perspex® Vario
  • Perspex® Coral
  • Perspex® Pearlescent
  • Perspex® Sparkle
  • Perspex® VE/VA
  • Perspex® Vision
  • Perspex® Metallic

Acrylic is also often preferred because of its easy handling low cost of the material, thermo and bonding processing and the ability to polish back to full transparency after machining or if scratched.

Modified Acrylics able to achieve high impact and can treated with a scratch resistance coating.

Acrylic can be produced in 2 basic ways, extruded and cast. Both acrylic manufacturing methods have pros and cons depending on the final product and production methods.

Extruded Acrylic is the material for a number for choice for free standing and slat wall point of sale fabricated products due to the ease of working with the plastic, the thickness is tolerance and the reduced cost of the material.

Cast Acrylic has a lower melting point than extruded Acrylic meaning it’s is always softer this makes it easier to laser and polish giving a much nicer finish to the more popular applications like the display and signs industry. Cast acrylic is preferred for machining due to its greater range of thicknesses and lower water absorption. Cast acrylic also offers a higher rigidity and resistance to electricity and weathering and has less stress in the material than extruded acrylic.

Acrylics available from stock in Cast, Extruded in Clear, Tints, Opals and colours

We can assist you in the supply and fabrication of acrylic in rod, sheet and tube.