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PVC Foam Sheet

Foam PVC

Foam PVC sheets are lightweight flat and available in a wide range of colours. Foam PVC is easily fabricated and can be used for digital and screen printing, Foam PVC also comes in standard matte or gloss. One of the highly desirable attributes of Foam PVC is its immense fire resistance; Foam PVC is self-extinguishing, has great insulating properties it also has a very high chemical resistance which brings in versatility to this material.

Foam PVC is most commonly used for things like signs, displays and exhibition stands but is also used across a wide range of industries for a variety of different applications. Because of how lightweight the material is and because of its smooth finish Foam PVC readily accepts prints and paints in addition to having its use in street furniture and interior design. Foam PVC is very easily bonded to things as well which makes it a great material for plastic cladding.

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