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PTFE is a Synthetic fluorocarbon, chemically known as Polytetrafluoroethylene, products are manufactured from either paste and granules depending on the application.

PTFE has a wide variety of uses and is commonly referred to by the brand name Teflon®. PTFE is a nonconductive and waterproof plastic which results in the plastic being used quite often as non-stick coating due to is use for kitchen-wares. Due to the high carbon-fluorine bonds PTFE is often used also as a barrier liner in containers for corrosive and reactive chemicals.

PTFE is tolerant and tough; PTFE is also a non-resilient plastic and is an excellent insulator over a wide range of frequencies and temperatures.

Using our extensive knowledge over years of manufacturing components and parts we can machine, turn and produce your PTFE machined parts to your drawings and specifications to the highest quality and tightest tolerance.

Manufactured in virgin PTFE material along with common additives such as PTFE Carbon filled, PTFE Graphite filled, and PTFE Glass filled. In addition to the standard filled PTFE, we can offer up to 60% Bronze filled PTFE and 50% stainless steel Filled PTFE.

Although PTFE can not be bonded directly due to its unique characteristics, we can offer PTFE with a chemical etched surface that keys the surface of the PTFE and allow the treated surface to take adhesives to enable the successful PTFE bonding to surfaces.

PTFE is available in both extruded and moulded granules gives PTFE an almost unlimited use and available on the shelf as standard stock shapes in

  • PTFE Square Bar – Cut from sheet up to 100mm thick.
  • PTFE Round Rod available in stock sizes 4mm diameter up to 200mm diameter in 1000mm or 2000mm lengths.
  • PTFE Moulded Tube available from 32mm diameters in 300mm lengths.
  • PTFE Extruded Tube available in coils to suit applications.
  • PTFE Electrical Sleeving in standard coils of 100 meters available in White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Grey, Cream, Green, Black, Pink, Red and Brown colours in PTFE super thin wall PTFE STW, PTFE Thin wall TW and Heavy wall HW ranges, Click here for size Chart. Custom Sizing OD/ID and length of coil can be manufactured to suit subject to minimum quantity orders.
  • Custom PTFE Moulded Parts.
  • PTFE Tape available in cut widths to suit application in 0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm and 3mm thicknesses.
  • PTFE Sheet in sizes 600mm X 600mm, 1200mm x 1200mm, 1500mm x 1500mm. Thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm up to 100mm thick.
  • PTFE Sheet Rolls in sizes 10 Meter x 1200mm wide.
  • PTFE Washers and PTFE Tube Spacers.
  • PTFE Gasket and PTFE Seals.
  • PTFE cut to size service.
  • PTFE Machined Parts.

PTFE tape has brilliant anti-friction properties and is also waterproof, meaning it can be used for in a wide variety of purposes;

Applications for PTFE sheet, PTFE Rod, PTFE Tube.

  • PTFE Sheet is a great material for low friction.
  • PTFE has a High temperature threshold – working Temperature 260 degrees C with a sort term temperature range up to 300 degrees C.
  • Pipe Thread Sealing.
  • PTFE can be used for Heat Barriers to mask off areas that do not require heat production.
  • PTFE’s Non-Stick characteristics lend itself to hi tack or direct manufacturing material contact applications where PTFE excels in.
  • PTFE Machines exceptionally well to tight tolerances and is stable at room temperature.
  • PTFE is a great insulator.
  • PTFE can withstand are large amount of chemicals corrosive substances.