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Tufnol SRBF – Fabric

Tufnol SRBF

SRBF (Synthetic Resin Bonded Fabric more commonly known as TUFNOL) is an industrial laminate, SRBF is usually white to brown in colour, and it can come in thin sheets, big chunks, rods and also tubes. All depending on the grade of the SRBF but SRBF can come in chunks as thick as 9 inches. SRBF laminates are made from layers of glass fibre, cotton cloth or paper; these are dipped in resin or a varnish and then bonded together using pressure in a hot press.

SRBF is a rigid and strong but also lightweight, it’s also a non-metallic material that can be used as an insulator. SRBF is also water and weather resistant and also resistant to wear, it’s common to see SRBF used within marine environments as it can be used in some cases for decades without degrading or corroding.

Different grades of SRBF include B10 or Carp types which is a very finely weaved cotton phenolic laminate, it’s sandy brown in colour and is excellent for wear resistant components. SRBF B10S is also sandy brown in colour but is made with scoured cotton for higher electrical and higher temperature applications. SRBF B11 is made with cost effective fine weave cotton; this has good mechanical and electrical properties. It’s very similar to SRBF B10 but with a slightly coarser weave.

SRBF B12 is a medium weave cotton more for General purpose applications like bearings as it’s light weight and easy to machine It’s also designed to meet the requirements of PFCC203. SRBF B12S or whale is also a medium weave, it has really good electrical and mechanical properties, B12S is suitable for water lubricated bearings and pump rota vanes as it’s very dimensionally stable under adverse conditions. SRBF B42 is another fine weave cotton epoxy laminate, it can be machined to have anti track properties and a fine finish, coupled with high mechanical and electrical strength.