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Tufnol SRBP – Paper

Tufnol SRBP

SRBP or synthetic resin bonded paper is very economical, rigid and strong. They also have good electrical insulating properties and are commonly used where rigid electrical insulation is required. The higher the specification of the SRBP, the higher the voltage the material can withstand. SRBP Sheets are where electrical insulation and low temperature application is required. SRBP comes in many different grades to suit specific applications, you’ll find the standard sheet size is 1200 x 1200mm other sizes can be supplied though, and the thickness of SRBP can be anything between 0.8mm to 75mm.

SRBP Grade 1P/24 is used in high voltage applications (terminal panels, television applications and radios) due to its high conductivity, low water absorption and its fire retardant properties. SRPB Grade 1P/13 is a lower cost, lower voltage conductivity insulation material but has a higher impact and higher mechanical strength, usually used for spacers and jigs.