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PBT Polybutylene terephthalate

Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)

Polybutylene terephthalate also known as PBT is a crystalline thermoplastic engineering polymer that is quite often used as an insulator; it has heat shock and hydrolysis resistance along with low water absorption, long term durability and is also flame retardant. PBT is replacing other crystalline plastics (Acetal and Nylon) because of the performance of the thermoplastic. PBT is another plastic that is present in everyday life, you’ll find it in your automotive components and electronics.

There are two types of PBT, PBT compound and PBT Resin, PBT Is made up of various things like fibre glass and PBT resin, Whereas PBT resin is made up of the base resin. You can use PBT in indoor and outdoor applications, due to its fire resilience it’s also great for use in the industrial industry. When reinforced PBT can be used in things like sockets, handles, Bobbins and switches, otherwise you can find standard PBT in other things like rods and break cable liners.