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PEEK otherwise known as Polyether Ether Ketone, is a colourless thermoplastic. Its most prevalent application would be in the engineering industry due to its durability when used in higher temperature applications. PEEK is usually characterised by its rigid grey look along with its excellent chemical, electrical wear and temperature resistance.

Peek has many applications within the engineering industry; Aerospace parts, semi conductive machining parts, bushings, bearings and seals. PEEK has also come in very useful in the medical industry, in spinal surgeries, maxillo-facial surgeries; PEEK is also becoming a very important bio-material used for things like bone and cartilage replacements.

PEEK 30% Glass Filled is ideal for structural applications that require improved stability at temperatures around 150°C this grade increases the materials flexibility and lowers the materials expansion rate. PEEK 30% Carbon Filled has enhanced stiffness and compressive strength which lowers the expansion rate of the PEEK.

PEEK 30% carbon filled plastics have great wear resistance and offers 3 ½ times higher thermal conductivity than unfilled PEEK, this means when used in conjunction with machines the PEEK parts will stay cooler for a longer duration and when heated will cool quicker than other materials. PEEK HPV is reinforced with Carbon Fibres, Graphite, and PTFE. This type of PEEK offers the lowest amount of friction and the best machinability of all PEEK grades. PEEK HPV is also known as Ketron HPV.