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PPS - Polyphemylene Sulfide

PPS otherwise known as Polyphemylene Sulfide is an excellent engineering plastic. It’s a great high performance, high temperature thermoplastic. PPS can be extruded, moulded and machined to high tolerances. PPS exhibits a number of exceptional traits which include resistance to acids, alkalis, heat, sunlight, bleaching, aging and abrasion. PPS only absorbs small amounts of solvents and is completely resistant to dying. An easy way to identify PPS is the metallic sound it makes when struck.

PPS comes in the a few grades Glass-reinforced grades which are 30 and 40% glass content have increased rigidity, tensile and compressive strength, and a much lower thermal expansion. Glass-fibre/particulate-mineral-filled grades are a more cost-effective solution with good conductivity resistance and high temperature ratings. Glass-fibre/mineral-filled colour compounds can with stand high temperatures are a tough material with good chemical resistance, you can find this type of PPS used in things like washing machines and will often be used to make components for under the hood of a car. Carbon-fibre-reinforced grade PPS have the highest tensile strength, rigidity, dimensional stability and heat distortion temperature of all PPS grades. This PPS also has better coefficient of friction against steel than glass reinforced grades of PPS.