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PPSU Polysulphones


PPSU otherwise known as Polyphenylsulfone is a high performance polymer; it has high glass transition temperature and low moisture absorption. PPSU also has a better chemical resistance and higher impact strength than PES and PSU. PPSU can withstand moisture and high temperatures better than other members of this group of polymers; it’s also resistant to disinfectants and detergents. PPSU has no melting point and a tensile strength of up to 8000psi (55 MPa) making it an exceptional plastic to use in aerospace applications.

PPSU benefits the medical industry particularly well due to its high hydrolysis and creep resistance, its rigidity and outstanding thermal stability. In plumbing applications PPSU Fittings revolutionised the plumbing industry as it is a robust and viable alternative to brass. PPSU can withstand a high amount of pressure and has the ability to withstand hydrostatic stress at the elevated temperatures of hot water. Another application for PPSU is within commercial aircraft interiors, PPSU has excellent flammability performance and good impact resistance, also coupled with the fact that it’s chemically compatible with cleaning products and other chemicals used in the industry.