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PETG Sheet


PETG Sheet available in thickness from 1mm through to 12mm in clear and tints.

PETG has excellent durability, strength and comes in a variety of colours, PETG is an excellent alternative and sometimes superior to Acrylic and Polycarbonate. PETGs Damage resistance is also far higher than that of acrylic and rivals that of Polycarbonate. Unlike polycarbonate however PETG can be fabricated very easily. PETG has a printable surface and has a good reputation as good material for signage. There is no comparison between PETG and glass, PETG is 100% transparent, 100% recyclable and easy to fabricate. PETG can be used to manufacture and produce a wide range of products; it’s capable of being sterilised and is FDA approved.

PETG Is commonly found within the construction industry due to its excellent range of uses, it’s much easier to weld and doesn’t absorb moisture which could cause issues when forming. PETG is commonly found in the medical industry due to its ability to stand up to radiation and medical sterilization techniques without changing colour or degrading. PETG is often used in point-of-purchase stands, exhibition kiosks and other types of retail displays along with machine guards and transfer chutes in the pharmaceutical, food and drink industry.