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Point of Sale

Point of Sale display

Our Acrylic Point of sale products are supplied as standard in a variety of options from freestanding leaflet holders, earring and shoe displays through to wire hanging and display stands in both clear and colours.


We pride ourselves on our versatility on bespoke point of sale for applications where the product defines how the point of sale unit should look and work, offering great design solutions to our customers whilst remaining competitively priced with quick lead times. poloroid





Point of Sale displays are the ideal way to inform and present products where the product must be entirely and clearly visible to your customers.

As well as offering our customers a truly unique point of sale journey, here at F R Warren we specialise in understanding our customers requirements from the initial consultation though to cad design, initial prototyping through to full production.


In addition to our bespoke point of sale service at F R Warren, we also have a vast range of standard acrylic point of sale products in a variety of guises as follows, all available to purchase online through our shop outlet www.bristoldisplayproducts.com.

Free Standing Point of sale products suited for window display and window dressing such as leaflet holders, earing displays, necklace displays through to shoe riser displays.

Slat wall point of sale products suited for shop display, window display and also behind counters, these products offered by F R Warren able our customers to maximise the potential of any wall area display to its full potential allowing products to be displayed from floor level though to eye level and above to maximize sales potential of care fully strategized and placement of products either in the shop floor or window display.


Window Display Point of sale used in conjunction with our wire systems allow for multiple acrylic leaflet holders or posters to display information such a direct advertising such as in hairdressing salons or estate agents where as each acrylic leaflet display has to be clearly visible and prominent to passing potential customers.




Our sales office will be happy to discuss and assist with your product requirements.