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Polycarbonate Lexan, Makrolon, Sheet

Polycarbonate solid sheet available in Clear, Tints, Prismatic and Opals in a thickness from 0.5mm through to 25mm thick

Twin wall 8mm, 10mm thickness ideal for canopy’s and Triple skin for conservatory roofing – see our Glazing section for more details.


Polycarbonate is an amorphous thermoplastic with good strength and electrical properties combined with moderate chemical resistance, the low crystallinity in the Polycarbonate the plastic has a high level of transparency. Polycarbonate is most commonly used in the manufacturing industry in sheet form but can come in the form of rod and tube. Polycarbonate sheet is remarkably weather and impact resistant, this makes it a good material to be used in indoor and outdoor applications, Polycarbonate also offers excellent UV protection and will aid in the protection of plants, pictures or other items that maybe damaged by UV rays in the long term.

Polycarbonate under most circumstances is shatter proof so it makes an excellent replacement to glass and is commonly seen in glazing and the building industry, you also see Polycarbonate used in a lot of things like safety visors and machine guarding due to its toughness. You will see Polycarbonate tubing used in the medical industry due to the heat resistance, low water absorption, good clarity and biocompatibility. Polycarbonate has been used in blood reservoirs, blood oxygenators and blood filters in the bypass circuit for more than 20 years now.