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HDPE – High Density Polyethylene PE300 grade

HMWPE –  High Molecular Weight Polyethylene PE500 Grade

UHMWPE –  Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene PE1000 Grade


Polyethylene or Polythene is the most commonly used semi crystalline thermoplastic around the world, Polyethylene is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic which has excellent chemical resistance and is also a very tough plastic. Polyethylene usually comes in two common forms, LDPE and HDPE Low and High density, both you will likely see on a day to day basis. LDPE is often used in things like shopping bags and milk bottles whereas HDPE will be found in things that contain more abrasive chemicals like bleach bottles and HDPE is an excellent plastic for pipes. Polyethylene has excellent chemical resistance and has a high degree of toughness

We offer Polyethylene in Rod, Sheet and tube stock materials in Natural, Black, Blue, Yellow, and Red colours.

There are many applications for Polyethylene and It can come in many forms, Sheets of LDPE or Low Density Polyethylene have a lot more flexibility to them compared to HDPE; it’s still high impact but is more malleable, easily formed and stamped into shapes. You’ll often find LDPE within the plumbing industry and used for things like gaskets. Polyethylene has so many applications that you will not realise how many everyday items are made with Polyethylene and it’s also commonly used within the engineering industry. You’ll often find Polyethylene in things like sofas and it also has its place within the medical industry for things like face masks. Also because Polyethylene is so easily moulded and a food and is hygiene grade plastic you’ll see polypropylene in things like pill boxes and food containers.

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