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Polypropylene is a partially crystalline thermoplastic. Polypropylene has very similar properties to polyethylene but is slightly harder and much more heat resistant. Polypropylene is also highly chemical resistant, high in purity with good electrical insulating properties and low water absorption. Polypropylene is naturally white in colour but can come in a wide range of different colours too; Polypropylene is also a wieldable plastic. Polypropylene is one of the most commonly produced and widely used plastics in the world. Polypropylene can be moulded or extruded and even spun into fibres; polypropylene is a very versatile plastic.

We offer Polypropylene in Rod, Sheet and tube stock materials in Natural, Black, Beige and White colours.

Polypropylene is quite a slippery plastic so can be used in place of other plastics like Acetal in low friction applications like gears. Polypropylene is also a very tough plastic that shows high temperature resistance, (Polypropylene withstands temperatures of up to 160°C) flexibility and is moisture and impact resistant, making it an excellent plastic for things like tank lining and chemical drums. A major benefit of Polypropylene is that it can be injection moulded or put through a CNC to create a living hinge, which is a very thin bit of plastic that can bend sometimes up to 360 degrees without breaking. This comes in extremely handy in almost all industries you will see them on a day to day basis on things like condiment bottles and shampoo bottles you can even get Polypropylene woven sacks.

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