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Router, Laser Engraving and Laser Etching

Router, Laser Engraving and Laser Etching

We are able to offer a laser engraving and laser etching service to Acrylics, woods, metals, leather and slate. Our CO2 lasers can easily laser etch or laser engrave.

Above is the door for ‘Sanctuary’  Exhibition Bristol during the laser engraving process on the chip wood door.

Using a laser cutter on low power or a varied power setting, it’s possible to engrave intricate decorative designs on to almost any surface.

F R Warren Laser Etching and laser engraving Service is not limited due to its continued investment in to laser technology and offers products that can be laser etched on our bespoke 3 meter x 2 meter laser bed. This allows F R Warren to take on the most intricate and large scale laser etching work to help our customers achieve great results with ease using F R warren’s vast laser etching skills and know how.

By using free issue customers vector files or cad drawing or by using F R warren own design services from your drawing and brief, we can produce your art work in a permeant etch on the substrate that is vibrant and tamper proof measured against frosted vinyl transfers that are easily removed.

Designs should ideally be vector based but we are able to use jpegs, bitmaps and other formats.

F R Warren have had great success in the many ways that laser etching and laser engraving can bring to you, whether that be for a menus enhanced with led light, wedding favours, signage, corporate events, marketing gift such as key rings, awards to name just a few applications F R Warren can bring a visually vibrant finish to your product at competitive prices.

F R Warren Laser Engraving and Laser Etching service brought together with our in house fabrication service allows for complete finished product solutions from the initial concept through to prototyping of the product and then full batch runs , all under one roof.

Examples of the diversity of the laser etching and laser engraving.