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Acrylic Point of Sale Products

Our products are supplied as standard in a variety of options from freestanding leaflet holders, earring and shoe displays through to wire hanging and display stands in both clear and colours

Acrylic Point of Sale

Here at F R Warren we offer our customers complete packages from measuring and design services through to in-house CNC production and fabrication of your machine guard requirements.

We listen to our customers and in line with the brief make hygiene and safety paramount, whilst also producing the guard with minimal hindrance to the operator when the machine is being use.

Machine Guards are offered in a variety of plastic materials such as polycarbonate for high impacts and higher temperature resistance to PETG food approved (FDA) products.

Bespoke Guards

We understand that our customers all have different requirements.

So we specialise in the Bespoke / Custom Machine Guards, from the standard Tunnel Guard to the more elaborate multi bend and angled machine guards with cut outs, ventilation holes and brackets all made to our customers drawings and specifications.

Acrylic PMMA

Acrylic PMMA, also known as Acrylic glass or Acrylic is a transparent thermoplastic; it is often seen in sheets and used as a shatter resistant light-weight alternative to glass. Acrylic is a much cheaper alternative to Polycarbonate, especially when impact strength or hear/ chemical resistance isn’t as important as UV tolerance, transparency, tensile or flexural strength. Acrylic is also often preferred because of its easy handling, processing and the low cost of the plastic.

Non modified Acrylic can be brittle under heavy loads and impact force; it’s also more likely to scratch that normal glass and is often protected by a film until installed. Modified Acrylics on the other hand are sometimes able to achieve high impact and scratch resistance.

Acrylic can be produced in 2 basic ways, extruded and cast. Extruded Acrylic is often a go to material for a number of applications in the fabrication and signs industry and due to the ease of working with the plastic. Cast Acrylic has a lower melting point than extruded Acrylic meaning it’s is always softer this makes it easier to laser and polish giving a much nicer finish to the more popular applications like the display industry. Whereas cast acrylic is preferred for machining due to its greater range of thicknesses and lower water absorption. Cast acrylic also offers a higher rigidity and resistance to electricity and weathering.

Acrylics available from stock in Cast, Extruded in Clear, Tints, Opals and colours
we can supply acrylic in rod, sheet and tube.

Clear Guarding

PETG can also be used for machine guards as offers FDA approval (food and drugs approval) and although has a lower maximum service temperature threshold than polycarbonate it still has good impact resistance and in some cases out performs polycarbonate in chemical applications.

Clear Guarding can be in all manner of forms from machine shop guarding to sneeze guards for direct food preparation to the public domain or for glass substitutes in the way of protective screens or balustrades to prevent persons or items from falling of elevated floors and stairs.