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Acrylic Display Cases

With an emphasis on quality

Clear Acrylic Display Cases

Here at F R Warren we understand that our customers require the best quality Acrylic Display Cases, so F R Warren puts the same care and attention to detail to emphases the the quality of the products its displaying.

F R Warren offers both Standard Solvent bonded and UV Bonded Acrylic display units, Solvent Bonds usually for butt joints and UV for mitred edges although we can offer both methods of bonding for each style of joint.

UV Bonded joints although not as strong structurally as solvent bonded joints but does however give visually crystal joints enhanced when used in conjunction with mitred corners, we would recommend for this method for museum quality acrylic display cases.

F R Warren can offer any shape or size Acrylic Case imaginable to suit a variety of applications from TV and film to personal clock display cases and model display cases.

If required F R Warren can laser etch patterns and label the acrylic cases to suit our customers individual requirements.

This particular bottle prop ‘a ship in a bottle’ and 300 of the same were used  for a west end play in London called ‘The Flying Dutchman’

Wooden Bases can be manufactured and stained upon special requests.