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PVC Curtain Door Strip

PVC Curtain Door Strip

PVC Curtain Door strip is widely used in a variety of applications such as pedestrian curtains, freezer curtains, nursery curtains, chiller cabinet curtains, deli counter curtains, insect curtains, and a due to recent legislation using grey PVC curtain strip on Cigarette display to cover the cigarettes whilst still allowing for easy access to name but a few applications where this most versatile material can be used.

The most common use is to prevent  drafts and heat loss for large industrial warehouses where the door must be opened or left opened to bring in and move out goods through the day or to protect against airborne nuisances such as fly’s, wasps and general airborne dust and dirt.

Rolls of material are available in 50 meter rolls in a choice if widths 200mm, 300mm or 400mm and available in clear as standard and, colours are available please speak to our sales office with your requirements.

We also offer both Full System PVC Door Strip Kits comprising of stainless steel section with hook attachments and a series of either 200mm, 300mm or 400mm widths to suit the drop of your ware house door, all  with fixed stainless steel top sections to match with the stainless steel bracket.

The amount of strips you require will depend on choice or application being either 30%/ 50% or 75% overlap of the strips, for example the larger the percentage of overlap the greater the draft resistance will be and the more strips you will require.

The critical measurements for calculating the area you you need to cover are the width of the opening and the drop for example the maximum height the roller shutter will be used.

Our technical sales team will be happy to talk you through the various options to suit your application to give you the most economical way to get the coverage and protection required.