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PTFE is a Synthetic fluorocarbon of Tetrafluoroethlyene which has multiple uses. The most common brand name for PTFE is Teflon. PTFE is a nonconductive and waterproof plastic this results in the plastic being used quite often as non-stick coating. Due to the high carbon-fluorine bonds PTFE is often used also in containers for corrosive and reactive chemicals. PTFE is tolerant and tough; PTFE is also a non-resilient plastic and is an excellent insulator over a wide range of frequencies and temperatures.
PTFE tape has anti-friction properties and is also waterproof, meaning it can be used for in a wide variety of applications; Plumbing and sealing pipes being 2 common uses.

PTFE Sheet is a great material for low friction and high temperature applications (PTFE sheet can withstand heat of up to and above 260°C). PTFE sheet is also used in things like circuit boards due to its insulating abilities.
PTFE spray is quick drying, dirt and dust resistant and leaves no oily residue. PTFE sprays are also friction and wear reducing. PTFE spray has many uses across many industries including the shoe trade, upholstery and engineering.
PTFE tube is often used in labs due to its anticorrosive properties, meaning it can withstand chemicals like hydrofluoric acid, which can dissolve glass containers.
PTFE rod is usually used for things like gears and seals due to its low friction and resistance too high and low temperatures.

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