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Sneeze Guards

Sneeze Guards provide an effecitve hygiene solution to help protect food against germs or other airborne contaminants, and they are fully complient with the Food Safety Act of 1990

Hygienic Food & Sneeze Guards

Hygienic food & Sneeze Guarding offers both protections from airborne virus’ and germs with added control of cross contamination of the products held within.

The Pandemic that we are all facing with coronavirus (COVID-19) is as serious as it comes. We offer both standard sneeze guards and bespoke desk screen protection solutions to protect your customers and staff alike. Please contact us on 01179558500 to discuss your requirements.

Here at F R Warren we offer our customers complete cost effective packages from design services through to in-house CNC production and fabrication of your sneeze guard requirements.

Sneeze guards are produced in Clear Acrylics PMMA (Perspex) or ClearPETG (Vivak) food approved (FDA) or polycarbonate (Lexan) materials.

We can offer modular designs that allow you to choose how many guards or tiers you may want to use on the day, this system design also helps in the packaging and transportation of your sneeze guard.

Our Clear Sneeze Guards can be wiped clean to maintain its hygiene and food safety compliance without affecting the clarity of the cover*.

In addition to our standard sneeze guards, we understand that our customers all have different requirements so we specialise in the Bespoke / Customsneeze guards, from the standard vertical with small angled bendsneeze guard to the more elaborate made to fit mobile food serving centres to table topsneeze guard incorporating ventilation holes and brackets all made to our customers drawings and specifications.

The F R Warren Group can offer you friendly advice to help in the design and choice of your sneeze guard and offer very competitive prices.

*We recommend hot soapy water or mild cleaning spray and a soft cloth for cleaning.

In March 1959, the first sneeze guard was invented by Johnny Garneau in the form of a large canopy over a buffet table.

Nowadays In line with *food safety act 1990 it is compulsory to have a sneeze guard for the serving of foods, regardless if you are street trader/ market trader or high class buffet style restaurant.

*Section 16/ 2afor securing the observance of hygienic conditions and practices in connection with the carrying out of commercial operations with respect to contact materials which are intended to come into contact with food intended for human consumption;