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Torlon otherwise known as polyamide-imide is recognised as one of the highest performance thermoplastics that can still melt. You can injection mould Torlon and it can also be extruded into shapes. With a softening temperature of 260°c and a 260°c working temperature Torlon offers unmatched strength at high temperatures. Torlon is stronger at 200 °c than most other engineering resins are at room temperature. Torlon can also be used at cryogenic temperatures and has proven to be tougher and more impact resistant that other polymers. You can also get glass reinforced Torlon which offers better thermal expansion and stiffness. Torlon is virtually unaffected by aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons and most acids at moderate temperatures.

Torlon commonly come in sheet and rod form, due to its excellent electrical insulation you’ll often find Torlon being used in things like IC test sockets as well as electrical connectors and insulators. Torlon is also used within the engineering industry as it can bear a lot of weight of differing temperatures, so you’ll see Torlon used in applications like seal rings and linkages. Torlon is a great choice when the applications involve impact loading and abrasive wear.

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